Connections: what's in this section?

Anyone applying for connection to the National Electricity Transmission Grid (RTN) expects to input or withdraw energy from the Italian high voltage (AT) or very high voltage (AAT) electricity system. For connection requests for all plants with a power exceeding 10,000 kW (10 MW), it is necessary to contact Terna, the manager of the NTG.

Regulatory context

The connection process is governed by the resolutions of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment (ARERA) and specifically by the Testo Integrato delle Connessioni Attive (TICA), by the Integrated text of the economic conditions for the provision of the connection service (TIC), by the Resolution no. 281/05 containing the "Conditions for the provision of the connection service to the electricity networks with rated voltage higher than 1 kV whose managers have third-party connection obligations", as well as the Network Code. In particular, with specific reference to the requests that must be presented to Terna, the legislation provides for the methods and the connection process for:

  • new connection requests for plants with input power equal to or greater than 10,000 kW;
  • adaptations of the connection to the NTG of plants already in operation;
  • the connection requests of the consumption units with an interconnection power equal to or greater than 10 MVA.

The Grid Code provides that connection requests and any other communication between the NTG Operator and the subject requesting the connection take place through the portal MyTerna.


To submit a request and consult the practices.


To request the change of ownership of a practice.


To request information and clarifications from Terna.

This section contains all the documents and information useful for managing a connection procedure to the NTG: from document exchanges relating to a request, to the validation of the project (so-called "approval"), to those relating to the fulfilments linked to the authorization process, passing through the signing of the connection contract, until the commissioning of the plant. In particular, it is possible:

  • submit a new connection request to the NTG and manage the related file, consulting its progress until entry into operation;
  • request and manage a transfer of the connection practice;
  • open a ticket.

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